All about the D

I seem to have developed a small gaming issue, that everything seems to come back to D.

Deathloop, Destiny 2, Dead by daylight and Dungeons and dragons. Whilst Deathloop is both a recent addition and already a loss (see review here) the other 3 have been gaming constants for 2 – 3 years.

Why the fuck is this? Pure replayability.

Destiny 2 is my happy place, where I can mindlessly float around looking AMAZING in my crown and going all Emperor Palpatine on groups (not a fan of stasis though and I have stopped playing Crucible and Iron Banana because of it). It’s pretty, it’s reassuring my with little ghost & I loved the main story so much I’ve run it through 4 times now. But like most things, eventually I get bored and need a break. The grind is real and at times frustrating. I’m keeping my hand in casually now so that when Witch Queen comes out I’ll be closer to the cap than not. Gambit is still my fave thing, and if they ever sunset Risk Runner I’m going to have an almighty personality failure that even the traveller won’t be able to save Bungie from.

Then there’s Dead by Daylight, the on again off again abusive relationship of a game. This is no small part thanks to the way Behaviour treat it’s fan base and doesn’t fucking listen to the masses. They instead focus on a small group for feedback depending on their current social media status and it fucks it for the rest of us. Then when you raise support tickets (like that time it was unplayable for console for nearly 3 months and I asked to port my account over to PC) they never do anything to help. Hands down the worst customer service I have ever had from a game. But why do I keep going back? Well firstly I have a good group of friends to play with (which is by far the best way to play) and because I sadistically like murdering people dressed as a bunny. There is also that amazing thrill when you get an epic run on a killer and your team is just in the zone. Making killers quit – also very fun. But this game makes me angry like nothing else does.

Finally Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve only been playing for two years but I feel like it’s part of my whole being. Role play games with friends and dice are just amazing! My first campaign was in person, once a week everyone would come to our house and I’d make dinner – we’d play for maybe 4 hours at a time and it was so much fun. Then when the pandemic hit it took our game to Skype (which I found really hard to focus on) but now I’m in a new epic weekly game over Roll20 and I fucking love it. Well okay, I don’t like pathfinder 2e at all, it’s an unforgiving notch compared to the lovely in I had with 5th Ed but I am still enjoying my weekly dose of roll play… even if I have managed to totally typecast myself as a dwarf with anger issues, a taste for alcohol and a love of the ladies.

The thing is, as I’ve talked about recently in reviews there hasn’t been a lot of new choice for gamers and when there has been is either been totally inadequate and unplayable (Aliens FTE I am looking at you) or it’s over before it really begins with the lost unsatisfying ending (Deathloop).

Maybe I just need games I can get 100’s of hours out of now, maybe I’ve shifted as a gamer – who knows? But with Back 4 Blood round the corner & Dying Light 2 before Christmas (another fucking D!) I wonder if this will be enough to tear me away from my staple games?

If you have any game suggestions you want me to try (as long as it isn’t that fucking pirates game) leave a comment and let me know!

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