The backlog

As I write this I know I am doing so with over 20 games yet to be played and two I still haven't reviewed. The backlog is fucking real. The backlog demands sacrifice. For me, the sacrifice is going to be a Jackbox night, having now streamed over 460 hours (yes really) of the community … Continue reading The backlog

Gamers Thumb

Anyone who has ever played on a console should instantly have an idea as to what I’m aiming at here, for those that don’t I shall elaborate. Gamer’s thumb is typically a condition associated with certain types of console gaming, for me it started off with fight sims (Tekken, DoA, Street Fighter etc) and then … Continue reading Gamers Thumb

Women’s Day

I am excited about this years Women's day for a number of reasons. Firstly it marks a streaming milestone wherein I was asked to participate in the days events on twitch but its also the first Women's day where I am running my own business that I started from scratch thanks to streaming. I have … Continue reading Women’s Day

Fatal Paws

Fatal paws.... was an experience... When coming across this game on Keymailer, I usually tend to give visual novels a chance if they look weird enough, and this game literally told me it was weird. Everything was screaming to play this game. It's got dark humour, blood and.. turn based combat?? This game looks way … Continue reading Fatal Paws