Grind, rinse & repeat.

Deathloop came out on September 14th, finally a new game with a new premise after what has been (at least for me) a long time with no new games to look forward to (hasn’t covid been a bitch?)

Now having seen the trailer I was looking forward to a fast paced run, gun advance a bit more die and repeat.
It is not that game! After playing for 27 hours, it is JUST starting to become that game!
Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it but there was a huge amount of repetitive grind, and as its only over 4 levels you start getting to know the lay of the land well, even with the slight changes depending on the time of day. But it is not as manic as the trailer would’ve had you believe.

So, what is Deathloop about?

Basically, you’re stuck in this loop as a dude called Colt and your mission is the break the loop by killing the main architects of the thing, the catch – you must kill them all in one day, on one iteration of the loop.

Now when you start off playing this seems like an almost impossible task, you lose all your loot when you die, and you have guns that jam. But once you start tracking down the leads you start building up your arsenal. But still just under the 30 hours in it feels like it might almost be possible to take out  half the targets in one day.

What’s the one thing I hugely disliked about the game? The default that ithers players can invade you. It was bollocks.

I was only 4 ish hours in when some snot nose bunny hopping Fortnite kid invaded me and undid an hours’ worth of work I had lost everything I was working towards. So I switch that off, went to single player and haven’t looked back.
It also seems like I am not the only person who has done this, as when I tried to play as Julianna I couldn’t get into a lobby for nearly 40minutes of trying.

When we finally did get into a ‘protect the loop’ match it was a laggy unplayable piece of shit, never to be revisited again.

Seriously, we completed it UNDER 35 hours.. WTAF

Is it a fun game? Oh totally. Until the totally unsatisfying ending that came within less that 35 hours of game play – which for a triple A priced game is TOTAL bullshit.
Will it have any replay ability once you complete the main story? Abso-fucking-lutely not

Bethesda did encapsulate some of the joy of an old school 40-50 hour ish single player fun -but cheaply. 4 levels and completed in under 35 hours is a fucking joke. But the fact the premise was original is a huge breath of fresh air in a world of reboots, remasters, and sequels.
But the ending lets you down, the puzzles are ridiculous and in the final hours it wasn’t about any skill at all, because melee kills gave you health, so we turned it into a fast paced boring hack n slash.

If I had a physical copy I would already be trading it in.

Shiney rating
3 paws out of 5.

Want to see my first 10 hour play through? Go here

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