Graphic designers and unsolicited DMs

I’m sure many of you, especially those of you who stream, have read the title for this blog and know the exact rant I am about to go on.
These DMs or whispers from people who haven’t even bothered to look at your channel, get to know you or even personalised/correctly gendered their messages. I am fucking done with them.

I get everyone has a right to advertise their business but surely that’s what your OWN platform is for, rather than coming in without warning or without fucking asking to basically say “hey, I haven’t actually looked but I reckon your current graphics are shit so buy mine”.
And that’s the kicker isn’t it, they don’t even bother to engage with you channel, or even you as a human fucking being, BUT THEY WOULD LOVE TO WORK FOR YOU!

Like if I want something done for my channel, I will either ask my community or go to fiverr and drop some fucking money on it. When in the history of ever has this tactic worked for them? WHEN?

Its basically the artists equivalent of mass spamming a dick pic.

The reason I am quite so irritated by this is because at least 35% of my new followers on twitter are sodding graphics designers and my god IT WAS SO MUCH WORSE before I deleted my instagram account.

I think I just hate this non-personalised, non-interested in you approach to commercialism.

I don’t go into random peoples twitters and go “oi follow for follow, yeah?” but that’s also a separate rant.
So why do “artists” get to do it.

This rant was brought to you by the letter F and the word Cunt.

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