About Cat

If you’ve found the website, it means you’ve probably found me via twitch, so you probably already know a fair bit about me (especially with my tendency to overshare) but for anyone who’s still figuring me out – here’s a bit more than what I can fit into a twitch panel.

I spent the better part of a decade teaching 11-18 year olds in roles where I was Head of Computer Science (due to my industry experience at The Science Museum), and later subject lead for Psychology when I switched to part time teaching.
Like a lot of people with underlying health conditions, the start of the pandemic was a really bleak time and it made re-evaluate a lot in life.

Ultimately I decided that life was too short to be doing a job that made you so stressed you couldn’t enjoy life day to day. It was during Christmas 2020 we found twitch as a social life line where we could play games with others. We watched a variety of streamers playing community games such as Jackbox – when I was then encouraged by my partner to give streaming a go myself because he said “I think you’d be better and funnier doing this“. This was a huge confidence boost and we started the slow but rewarding journey in January 2021.
Nearly a year later as I write this I cannot believe how far we have come. I finally can do something which ties in my passion for gaming with my love of community. We have created a fully LGBTQ+ supportive space where everyone can feel safe and included, and made it 18+ so that we can continue to have an adult space where we don’t have to censor ourselves or our humour. It was important to me from having been a teacher, where personal lives are so censored and you cannot be yourself – to make sure I nor anyone around me would feel that they couldn’t be themselves. Plus, ya know… BDSM is fun for life, not just for Christmas.
So if you fancy hanging out with a cartoon & sci-fi nerd, a gamer of nearly 30 years and someone who not only likes political and challenging conversation, I am your gal! But I swear like a fucking trooper and hate all things Tory. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Brief history of my streaming accomplishments

  • January 2021
    Started streaming

  • February 2021
    Reached affiliate
    Helped to raise over £420 for Specials Effects gaming charity #Gameblast21

  • May 2021
    Moved to full time streaming
    Raised over £320 for Paws 2 Play Blue Cross fundraiser.

  • September 2021
    The purple hair
    Website launched

  • October 2021
    First 24 hour stream attempt

  • November 2021
    We reached 1K followers

  • December 2021
    Raised over £160 for Mind, during “Switch on, Game Off”
    Launch of Podcast: Shiney Cats mental health chats
    Partner with Epic Games & Humble Bundle
    Started reviewing games with Keymailer

  • February 2022
    1 year affiliate anniversary 12 hour celebration
    Started reviewing games with Lurkit
    Raised over £250 for Specials Effects gaming charity #Gameblast22

  • March 2022
    International Women’s Day event
    St Patricks Day Special

  • April 2022
    Reached over 250 subscribers

  • July 2022
    Launched of Podcast: Duck & Cats geek chats

  • August 2022
    Dixper affiliate reached