Goodbye 2022

This has been a year in 3 very distinct parts. The pre move, post move & after shedding a lot of emotional deadweight. Pre move everything felt a bit crap. The house was cold, damp & full of black mould. It was expensive to live there despite the cheap rent and it wasn’t big enough … Continue reading Goodbye 2022

The backlog

As I write this I know I am doing so with over 20 games yet to be played and two I still haven't reviewed. The backlog is fucking real. The backlog demands sacrifice. For me, the sacrifice is going to be a Jackbox night, having now streamed over 460 hours (yes really) of the community … Continue reading The backlog

Gamers Thumb

Anyone who has ever played on a console should instantly have an idea as to what I’m aiming at here, for those that don’t I shall elaborate. Gamer’s thumb is typically a condition associated with certain types of console gaming, for me it started off with fight sims (Tekken, DoA, Street Fighter etc) and then … Continue reading Gamers Thumb