This is the first game that I saw on keymailer that wasn't available, so I tweeted the developer Nibb Games and asked for a copy. I was really happy when they responded with a key and we had our first play through a few days back, you can watch it here. The premise is simple … Continue reading Psychoduck

All about the D

I seem to have developed a small gaming issue, that everything seems to come back to D. Deathloop, Destiny 2, Dead by daylight and Dungeons and dragons. Whilst Deathloop is both a recent addition and already a loss (see review here) the other 3 have been gaming constants for 2 - 3 years. Why the … Continue reading All about the D


Grind, rinse & repeat.Deathloop came out on September 14th, finally a new game with a new premise after what has been (at least for me) a long time with no new games to look forward to (hasn’t covid been a bitch?)Now having seen the trailer I was looking forward to a fast paced run, gun … Continue reading Deathloop