The backlog

As I write this I know I am doing so with over 20 games yet to be played and two I still haven’t reviewed.

The backlog is fucking real.

The backlog demands sacrifice.

For me, the sacrifice is going to be a Jackbox night, having now streamed over 460 hours (yes really) of the community shenanigans on a twice weekly basis, it is time to pause one for now.
I say for now, because its only to clear the backlog.

I think as a streamer it is sometimes really hard to balance what you want to do with what pleases your viewers, but assuming most of you are here for me – it should not matter what I play?

As a full time streamer I do struggle with getting through all the games I want to, ESPECIALLY as someone who also wants to review games once a week & play with you guys directly. Its a trial and error, balance, risk and reward.

Take for example the sheer madness of yesterdays stream, I now have 70 DBD perk roulettes to do! I am unbelievably grateful for this but I do then have to wiggle the schedule around and I cannot please all the people all of the time (and that’s also what VODs are for).

I recently had an issue with someone deciding they were speaking “on behalf of several people” (they weren’t they were being a fucking entitled whiny prat) who tried to tell me when and what I should stream (without thinking I might need time off and I have a relationship/someone I live with). Rather than me just caving it has had the absolute opposite effect – so whilst you were a total cunt muffin, I thank you. I now know what direction I am taking the channel in and I hope the rest of you are either in for the ride or, if you aren’t it has been fun whilst it lasted.

I want to start and finish games with the community, I want to share the epic stories the rage quits, piss fits and head scratching in solving puzzles. I want the backseat gaming, the skill shaming – all of it. And I hope you do to.

After my Easter break, big changes are coming and I am excited. I hope you are too.

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