Shakes on a plane

First off I need to start off with an apology to this game, I had been calling it Snakes on a Plane for about a week. I don’t know why but I saw it as Snakes, its not, its not even anything remotely to do with that film. It is instead a game about sky high hospitality, with some serious Overcooked vibes, so when we saw this on Lurkit we had to try it out, you can see our first play here.

This premise of this game is that you have to fulfil passengers orders for food and drink whilst at 31,000 feet. That sounds pretty simple right? Well yes and no. It started off quite straight forward and we were earning 3 stars without much effort and then we got to ‘Hel‘ (Helsinki). THE PASSENGERS END UP BEING YOUR GREATEST ENEMY. They get up, they move about, they get in the way and the little shit Timmy/Jimmy (I dunno, I don’t like kids at the best of times) even STEALS food whilst his parents do fuck all about it.

It was a jarring jump from what started as a fun little game but instead of letting you get used to new skills or tasks over a couple of levels, every single level had a another new thing to do. It got really hard to find your own rhythm – and I say this as a household that is preparing to go for the Overcooked 2 world record!

The game itself is also a bit clunky, in order to play two player you have to re-add the second player after every level, this seems really unnecessary – why can’t you just carry on without the needed faff? I get you might want to change character for your special, but after every flight? No – and it does it to you even as a single player and having to choose your side-kick. It is also clunky in terms of actual game play with you often picking up passengers instead of the item you wanted and vice versa, it doesn’t feel like a polished game.

We gave up playing before we got to serving any milkshakes (you’d hope there would be some given the name of the game?), I am sure we will go back to it again if only to try each character and see what their specials do in terms of controlling the passengers but it is no Overcooked! and with that comes great disappointment.

Shiney rating
2 paws out of 5
If you liked Overcooked, you will get annoyed at this game. Whilst the initial plot and premise are fine it soon turns into a high flying frustration of a game. It starts with needless issues at have to reselect characters for every flight and continues to the clunky feeling controls and weird hit boxes. For a game that is over 2 years old and still wanting £12.99 you would be better off picking up the OG Overcooked for the same price.

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