Dead by Daylight

It seems only fitting this comes out as the sites 100th game review.
I cannot have streamed a game for nearly 600 hours with dissecting it – so strap yourself in because here we fucking go!

Despite being released way back in June 2016, this did not touch my PlayStation until July 2018 when it was a free monthly PSN game (back when they were actually good). I have to admit I actually rage uninstalled it after my first play. My bro type threw us straight into a kill your friends (KYF) match and I fucking hated it as I didn’t know any of the controls – so I got slaughtered (for those of you who we have since introduced to this game, you may now understand why I focus so much on getting you practised before you come into the wild with my veteran ass).

Duck however, brought straight into the game and practised for a few days and reeled me back in, it was only when I was screaming obscenities at a Feng that he turned around and realised I had reinstalled the game and started down the rabbit hole.

Its a really simple premise of a game which is probably why so many similar spin-offs now exist.

Fix 5 gens, don’t get hooked, running isn’t always your friend, don’t fast vault when you don’t need to… well you get the idea.
Working out how many hours I have spent playing his in the last 4 years between PC and PS4 we estimate 3000+ hours so when I get pissed off at shitty team mates – I feel my anger is justified.

House Shineys relationship with this game has evolved, gone sour, we’ve taken a break for a while, uninstalled it a few times but we keep going back (Duck even plays survivor now when he never used to).

There is excellence in the simplicity. It sounds REALLY easy when you explain that this game is team versus 1, it sounds really easy when you say 4 people have to fix 5 gens BUT its the human error that makes every match of this game different and we have kept going back.

Its unforgiving if you don’t learn it fast enough. You just get punished.

You also get punished if you have shit teammates or a camping/tunnelling killer (yeah its got its own language too!). This community is a weird mix of awesome but fucking toxic in other parts.

I feel since last year when I took a few months break from the game (when it was unplayable and laggy after Nemesis was released) and since the changes to monthly rank reset we have seen a lot of the toxicity die off. But its still not perfect.

Support from Behaviour for issues with cheaters or for porting over from PS4 to PC is non-existent. Perks get buffed or nerfed based on which player camp is the most pissed off at the time. For example, the changes to decisive strike mean there are now zero real penalties for killers who tunnel one person out of the game – which remains the most frustrating thing that can happen in the wild. Some people will claim its a fair strategy but what it does is purpurate the toxic loop and ZERO has been done to fix it.

But we still love this game.

I swear half of it is Stockholm Syndrome.

That one game out of 5 where you feel like a damn god because you ran the killer for 3 gens and then got away unscathed – that’s what we live for playing this game.

One of my favourite runs was getting 6 pallet slaps on a Ghostface only to then have my entire team come back to save me from being camped. It was glorious. You can watch that here.

Having played and having some other spin off types to review soon it is going to take something really special to dissuade house Shiney away from a game we literally play every day.

It is by no mean a perfect and we are still looking for that perfect 4 stack where everyone can do all the things (running, fixing & rescuing) but I know that’s close. We have introduced so many of you to the game now too, so you understand it too.

It becomes a totally different game when you play as killer, too. If you can not be distracted by that one cocky survivor who is clearly there to run you for 5 gens (if you’re a Nurse or a Hag player, this is usually me). There is just so much to it for something so simple.

Shiney rating
3.5 paws out of 5
Right, how can I not give a game I gush about 5 paws? Because when its bad it is awful.
In the last 4 years updates have made it unplayable, there is a plethora of PC cheaters, and there is no real way to dissuade campers & tunnelllers. It is wholly unforgiving to new players and the MMR is bollocks.
That said, every match is different, it has amazing moments and I really feel that the community is improving and becoming overall less toxic. There is a lot of fun to be had here if you have the time and patience to commit.

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