The Kindness of Strangers

The internet is a fucking weird place, isnt it?

Because of google and social media you can become both an armchair socialist and an armchair expert in almost anything. With its (almost total) protection and anonymity you can be anyone, say anything (and I’ve had a couple of trolls which have needed police intervention in the past).

But with Twitch it is a whole new ball game.

You cannot make it as a streamer without the kindness of strangers, and in this instance I mean that both loosely and literally. Usually a stranger finds your stream, likes your vibe and stays. You have a back and forth, you get to know them (no longer a stranger) and then maybe, maybe they throw a cheer or sub your way – brilliant. Or, like last night you meet people and they sub and gift instantly (still strangers at this point). I always worry about the latter.

What if they decide I am not their vibe?

What if the regret their decision?

But I am now at a stage where this is happening more frequently.

I read a thing about twitch stats once and exponential growth once you hit a certain level (if you stay consistent) I know from my stats nerding I am about to hit a tipping point. This was hurried in way earlier than I hoped after you all collectively decided this was the month to make me do 102 perk roulettes.

Your kindness.

Some of you are still strangers, most of you aren’t.

But because of you I can keep going, so thank you.

Maybe a stranger is a friend who just hasn’t subbed yet?

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