I’ve Seen Everything

If you know the channel I suppose you could say with my enormous propensity to overshare that you have in fact probably heard everything by now (you haven’t, there is always more) but have you SEEN everything?
We haven’t either so when Keymailer popped up with this offering, of course we had to get it.

You can see our first play here.

I have officially seen fucking everything when a game both links to and directly copies from Wikipedia.
And I am not fucking joking.
This is the lazy last minute project game made by a rushed band of kids, dressed up as something that couldn’t possibly plagiarise – but has. SPECTACTULARLY.

Here is what it was supposed to deliver:

  • Multiplayer (up to 4 players)
    If you all have the game, yeah. No local PVP mode if you’re sat with each other.
  • Questions are represented in the form of pictures.
    Fresh from Wikipedia and Google image search.
  • Some categories are: actors, actresses, fishes, animals, star constellations, dinosaurs, national emblems, national flags, fruits and vegetables, minerals, musical instruments, painters, people of historical importance, singers, and mythological creatures.
    Because that’s what someone decided to copy from others from Wikipedia. Seriously (also, thats all the categories).
  • Tips and bonuses in the game
    Here’s a tip, don’t play it.
  • A few thousand colourful pictures
    That you didn’t make
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    Only if you have Steam, someone doesn’t understand what cross-platform means.
  • Steam achievements

So this is about a Dinosaur from the game…. and the next one is from Wikipedia.
Spot the difference? THERE IS NONE!

I think I have made my point.

Shiney rating
0 paws out of 5
The ONLY fun to be had from this game is getting it for anyone in your life that is or has been a teacher to see how long it takes them to realise its fucking Wikipedia, that you’ve paid for.

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