Bunny Memory

Our second ever PS4 Keymailer game comes courtesy of Dilly frame in the form of BUNNIES (most of their games have bunnies, I don't know why, just go with it).You can see the first and completed play here. So what is it? Simply put it is a memory game involving bunnies.It has both local (split … Continue reading Bunny Memory

Crystal Clash

Two words - tower defence. At least that's the lie I was sold when I found this game on Keymailer. You can see my first play here. I'll be honest, it lasted longer than it should have done. According to the game blurb it boasts: Completely free-to-playFucking good job to be honest.Short, intense 2v2 and … Continue reading Crystal Clash

Brain Bait

Since I have started reviewing indie games, I have developed a soft spot for these little casual action puzzle type games, so when I saw this on Keymailer, I had to give it a go.The release day was scheduled for Jan 11th 2022, but at midnight it wasn't ready to download, and at Midday it … Continue reading Brain Bait


This is the first game that I saw on keymailer that wasn't available, so I tweeted the developer Nibb Games and asked for a copy. I was really happy when they responded with a key and we had our first play through a few days back, you can watch it here. The premise is simple … Continue reading Psychoduck


This game lured me in on Keymailer thanks to its front page splash and beautiful graphics. You can see me play it for the first time here. You play as the 'witch' living on your own in an overgrown swampy area not really sure what's going on with life and just sort of existing. Then … Continue reading Wytchwood