Nelson and the Magic Cauldron

This is not a game I would have usually requested but I was quite happy to see the little ‘pre-approved’ labelled on it when scrolling through keymailer, so I decided to have a look. You can see my first play here.

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron: The Journey on Steam

I was surprised to find this was the second game in this series. Why? Because its stiff, weird and very unintuitive to play.

The most jarring aspect of it all is the voice ‘acting’ where it just sounds like lines being read by a dispassionate team, trying to capture sarcasm and failing spectacularly.

The story seems simple enough, collecting things to make a thing – so you get a lift on on air boat to somewhere that can help, from you uncle who’s weirdly into his newly (by you) acquired telescope. I don’t know if I am missing a load of in jokes from the first game but its just not a game that really welcomes you or is really enjoyable. I got bored really quickly. Point and clicks should just have more to do.

With the game blurb boasting “bizarre situations, crazy characters & black humour” I was let down by finding none of these things. Its more ‘look how UNUSUAL we are’ but without making any real effort – maybe this is an interpretation of someone’s very sheltered view on what these things are? I don’t know but it fails to deliver on anything really engaging which is crucial for point and click.

Maybe if you liked the first one, yay?

But with how lazy it feels, I don’t see how its worth nearly £12.

Shiney rating
0 paws out of 5
There is nothing fun, humorous or engaging about it. Worst game voice acting I have ever heard – and in 30 years of gaming that’s a fuck ton to compare it to.

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