Nobody Saves the World

It is with great appreciation for Game Pass that we are able to bring you this game.
You can see my first here (spoiler alert, I love this game).

Nobody Saves the World | Xbox

You start off as a literal nobody, no pants, no shirt, no name & no memories. And whilst the locals around you think you’re a weird little thing, they tell you to go and find Nostragamus (parody of Nostradamus?), except when you do you discover he is missing. You instead meet his feckless apprentice Randy who first assumes you are there to be his skivvy but then accuses you of having something to do with the disappearance (Spoiler: Randy is a twat and no one likes him). You then get thrown in the dungeon and this is where your adventure begins!

Nobody Saves The World review – Destructoid
Nobody Saves the World Forms List: How to Unlock Every Form | Nobody Saves  the World

Quests earn you stars, stars grant you access and levelling up Nobody means you then unlock different forms, which can in turn be levelled up and upgraded to unlock even more.
You go from Nobody to rat, which is comes in hugely helpful for navigated those harder to reach places (as does being a snail) and from there you unlock more and more.
At the time of writing this I have unlocked everything up to Robot & Mermaid and I freaking love this game.

The humour, the graphics, the sound track, how it handles – even down to the fact if you replay dungeons they are never really the same twice. Its a brilliant and addictively all consuming little game.

Nobody Saves The World' Review: Everybody Needs To Be Nobody

As you take the on the main dungeons you also realise there is something bigger at play with Nobody, he might not remember who he is but the entity that’s causing issues sure does. Maybe it knows what’s happened to Nostragamus? I don’t know but I am eager to find out!

Some of it is a little grindy but as you meet the Knights and the Thieves guilds you unlock more side missions to help you level up and unlock more forms.
I just love it.
Whilst there is a lot of side quests, its not so far away from the main story like Wytchwood was, where it felt pointless never-ending. This is a MASSIVE step up from that (and can be reflected in how much I have played it since my initial stream). It has been so addictive that I have forsaken Dying Light 2 for this game because its just more captivating – yes I am serious. This is more fun than Dying Light 2, its also more fun than RS6 Extraction.

This game came out of nowhere for me, like the great little Nobody and has totally won both myself and Duck over, becoming a new House Shiney favourite.

Shiney Rating
5 paws out of 5
Its interesting for others to watch, its fun to play. There is plenty to unlock and progress through and it has a fabulous story which is only made better by brilliant graphics and soundtrack. Hands down its already got a place in my top games of 2022, another gem that makes Game Pass worth its weight in gold and yet another contrast to how boring AAA titles have truly become.

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