Hidden Deep

Creepy tunnels? Possible death? Two-play local co-op so I can throw a rubber chicken at duck when he gets us killed?
Sign me up! You can see our first play here.

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This game lied to me from the very start.

  • Rich dark sci-fi story. The story pays tribute to 80’s and 90’s games and movie classics like Aliens, The Thing, and Half-Life.
    A fitting tribute would be something more fast paced and entertaining.
  • Tons of tools to use from grappling hooks and scanners to drones, weapons and heavy machinery.
    How do you have infinite and I mean INFINITE rope when you run out of literally everything else?
  • Over 20 hours of gameplay in story mode (will be completed within the game’s Early Access period).
    If it involves going back and forth in the same bit of map and scanning and go back again, and up again and down again… I can actually see that.
  • Challenge mode for even more adventures in the deep.
    Like how many times you can comically kill you dude? Or for how quickly it can piss you off?
  • Local co-op and Remote Play co-op already available (Online co-op will be introduced within the game’s Early Access period).
    There is no local co-op at the moment, this was the BIGGEST betrayal to house Shiney, we only wanted it for the co-op. I understand online not being ready BUT WHY say local co-op is an option if it clearly doesn’t fucking work?

I am not done being annoyed. How, JUST HOW if its been nearly two years since you lost contact from a team are there traps created by cave dwelling monsters around ammo you need? Holes down with seemingly no way up, and life forms that clearly aren’t starving or in hibernation. FUCKING HOW?

The controls are clunky, switching between kit is clunky, switching to anything that shoots auto aims you up… even if its a gun. Just, no.

The only joy to be found in this was doing an Indiana Jones style rope swing straight into a wall and smashing your dude to pieces.

Shiney Rating
0 paws out of 5
Its not finished enough to be early access if key features don’t work. At a whopping £17.99 with no local co-op and the same content reused again and again… this is a joke. Maybe a £5 game – when finished but right now, nope.

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