The Wizard and The Slug

Having grown up with amazing platformers I really do excited when is see a new game that looks like it could recapture the magic of some of my favourite games from the last 30 years.
Seeing this on Lurkit I got very very excited. You can see my first play here.

You play as the most agile slug in video game history (which, after playing Nobody saves the world with my slug form, is actually way more exciting than it sounds) but not before you have the intro cut scene of your wizard self falling to ground and suffering some limb detachment issues.

With graphics not unlike Mickey Mouse and the Castle of illusion (the level where you fight the tornado tree) it is a very easy to learn and play platformer. So why am I not singing it praises from the roof tops?

I hate the Wizard.

She is an entitled snarky pain in the ass and I do not like the fact she hitches a ride INSIDE YOU and you ferry her about. Its more the Wizard in the Slug rather than rather Wizard and the slug.

I think its mostly down to to the dialogue choices, I think they have tried too hard to make her ‘sarcastic funny’ but she just comes off as an epic bitch, and because of that I do not give a shit for her plight, at all. I do not want her hitching a ride, I do not care why she seems obsessed with want to know if I am a crab, none of it.

The controls are nice, simple and very responsive, it plays really well and I on a technical level I cannot fault it at all. I like the music and how it changes for certain things (like when you meet the cat) and the graphics are lovely.

I just hate the wizard.

My favourite (albeit short loved) character was in fact the banana, second only to barry Elvis (yeah sorry, I forgot to mention the purple things are member berries or berries at all.. but barry’s, weird, no?).

I am sure for the right persons humour this is a perfect little game, and as I have said I cannot fault the game play – but hating one of the main characters leaves me with ZERO inclination to go back and play more. I am however sure that some of you reading this will think I have gone mad and love this game – which is totally fair. The ‘humour’ and dialogue are just too far off the mark for me.

If you are interested in this game, follow this magical link.

Shiney rating
2.5 paws out of 5
I think for the right player this game would be a perfect little side scrolling platformer that reminds you of your childhood gaming experiences. Sadly, for me, the dialogue from the Wizard tries to hard to be sarcastic funny and I ended up hating her and wanting to detach her limbs again and ask why she is hitting herself whilst I slap her about with her own arm.
There is nothing wrong with game play, at all. Its very polished and there is some humour there with other characters you find but not liking the main character is a huge deal breaker for me.

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