Bunny Memory

Our second ever PS4 Keymailer game comes courtesy of Dilly frame in the form of BUNNIES (most of their games have bunnies, I don’t know why, just go with it).
You can see the first and completed play here.

Bunny Memory on Steam

So what is it? Simply put it is a memory game involving bunnies.
It has both local (split screen) and online co-op which is a HUGE win in the eyes of house Shiney. We managed to complete the whole game without (too) much bickering in under an hour, including finding the hidden hidden secret.

We even boosted for specific trophies, to make sure we got the magical platinum in one sitting. It felt more like a kids game though instead of a proper test of memory. The largest board was so vast you couldn’t not have made pairing mistakes (unless you made notes, and I was tempted).
I am sure if we had played any other games by Dilly Frame we might get the memory call backs a bit more rather than just seeing a bunch of rabbit pictures with underlying PTSD, so unlocking those didn’t hold much weight to us (apart from TROPHIES, delicious TROPHIES).


Not since the Christmas I got Terminator Salvation on PS3 have I had such an easy platinum trophy. It was nice to play it with someone else, I can imagine it would have been more of a chore by myself… or maybe I would’ve gotten really OCD about it and made notes on paper next to me about the numbers… who knows.
I am tempted to see if I can get my hands on any more Dilly Frame Games as I want to know what the obsession with bunnies is.

Shiney rating
2.5 Paws out of 5
It was fun, it was silly and it had bunnies. The easiest Platinum trophy in a very long time which is nice for such a small game and if you hunt achievements and trophies (like I do). Its simple but I don’t know what life span it really has unless you are really trying to improve cognitive skills.

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