Dry January – Week 5 & beyond

I’ve done it. I have fucking done it.
This is the longest break from alcohol I have had since I was pregnant, 4 years ago.
The benefits are astounding, I feel like a new person.

If you can't stay sober on a Saturday night.. You're gunna have a bad time  - Super Cool South Park Ski Instructor | Meme Generator

Day 29
Saturday nights are always the trickiest for the sobriety, but with the sleep schedule so weird at the moment I don’t think it really matters. Our neighbours from hell moved out today and the place feels lighters and less stressful. I am also feeling nearly totally recharged from not being sociable yesterday and being home alone for a while today.
D&D was very stressful, my character nearly died, and Snowpiercer was just epic… not helping the sleep but meh. I am still feeling quite stressed about a lot of things.

Couple of home made memes : Gaming : r/deadbydaylight

Day 30
Last stream day of the month and the focus being off stats has been nice. It actually turned out to be one of the best days this month for new followers, which was lovely and after 4 and half hours of Jackbox is was nice to play almost the same on Dead by Daylight. I feel like this month Duck and I have done a lot more stuff together. Its been really nice.

Dry january Ends today - One is not amused | Meme Generator

Day 31
Its the final day!
I cannot believe how fast it has gone, genuinely. Although when I look at my new acquired habit tracker, when I said in previous blogs I threw myself into my work this month I REALLY did. Worst nights sleep I have had for weeks, but I think that was more down to the two mountain Dews which were later than they probably should have been. So no gym today, but have still managed to be super productive.
I did mark off a load of other things in my habit tracker which has been really nice.

I decided to stop chronicling there, I did the journey I wanted to do and to be honest daily blogging feels weird and like self-indulgent but not in a good way, unless its for a purpose.
It has been a weird month and I have really enjoyed a lot of it but the stress of the last few weeks is very real.

Think now my next focus should be on a better relationship with sleep – not blogging that. The minute I set expectations on my is the moment my insomnia gets worse.

I am hoping sharing my experience has been helpful. I know that recording the experience has meant it was at times much easier to carry on and not ‘crack’. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol dependency please in the first instance speak your DR, GP or local alcohol charities. It is possible to go from nightly use to a healthier relationship but its hard to do alone.

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