It’s been a while…

Yeah okay, you caught me – I like Staind but its also very fitting.
The last few months, well the whole of 2023 so far as been a rollercoaster.
Massive highs and lows both mentally and physically, with shockingly more stress than when we moved last year!
That said, all things seem to be turning a corner now.

More importantly, not only am I excited about streaming again but I feel like I have finally managed to balance tutoring, home life and my greatest love of games.

I am half way through a different post about how people are just essentially made of of several spinning plates, sometimes they wobble and fall and sometimes they just all collapse at once. I am always my worse enemy and I keep having to remind myself just because the mind is willing, doesn’t mean I should keep pushing myself physically (Don’t know if it needs a post now tbh, that sort of covers it).

Hernie (yeah I named my hernia) has gotten significantly worse, but because it has – it is now being looked at more seriously. I imagine when I do the whole surgery and recovery thing I will document it well! (Hospital live streams anyone?)

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has kept in touch over this trying time, your lovely messages or just tagging me in memes has been wonderful.
There is always the fear when you stop streaming for a while you’ll lose your community or have to start from scratch in building it back up. So next Saturday, April 1st, I’ll be back.

New schedule, reworked giveaways, more variety of games (I am so done with DBD unless is SWF or KYF) and I’ll be getting back into reviews (so many currently half written and ready to go) and the podcasts.

Much love to the Shiney Fam ❤

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