Goodbye 2022

This has been a year in 3 very distinct parts.

The pre move, post move & after shedding a lot of emotional deadweight.

Pre move everything felt a bit crap. The house was cold, damp & full of black mould. It was expensive to live there despite the cheap rent and it wasn’t big enough anymore. The walls within which we spent lockdown were now a constant reminder of crappier times and so I started to house hunt.

The house fell into our lap so suddenly it was perfect, beyond perfect. So much space, so much light, so quiet. But the suddenness also meant we needed a lot of help in a short space of time. I cannot thank those enough who supported us and got us to our perfect home.

We’ve been here over 6 months now, and every day still feels like waking up in the best place possible. I’m sure our friends are so sick of us saying how much we love this house! But we do, no nerrr! 🙂

This house has enabled me to return to my love of teaching in the form of tutoring and being able to team tutor with the love of my life has meant we can cover so much! It’s amazing.

September started off with a serious amount of emotional whiplash. I was betrayed twice by people who I thought were close friends. Once in my own home, and one who fucked with my online work. Both were and are ultimately unforgivable. What happened after was just relief.

You know those motivational posts on Facebook where they say things like “if you let something go & feel lighter and freer, it always needed to go”. It’s true. I have zero regrets.

The week I cut the emotionally vampiric dead weight my life changed for the positive, again! Yoga, parish council, sorting my mental health out. So much easier when you don’t have negativity pouring in from your so-called support system on a daily basis.

I now find myself with a new boundary too. Am I friends with this person because I think should be (proximity, because of friends in common, work) or because they really add something to my life. If it’s not the latter now, it doesn’t happen. People who can’t be happy for you when you have good news just aren’t people to keep around.

I’ve reached out to old friends I lost through my shitty marriage, finally got the mental health assessments over to the point I can get the treatment I need now and hired an amazing PT.

In December we also got our own Christmas miracle! We took in a lost kitten that has now become Chuckie’s side kick (I can only hope we’re allowed to keep him).

I end the year poorly, two weeks of sickness but so thankful, grateful and hopeful about what 2023 will bring.

Thank you to the people who have made this year brilliant.

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