tERRORbane: an INTRODUCTION, mostly

I saw this on keymailer, I was intrigued. A tongue in cheek game that attempts to break the fourth wall because apparently the Dev will comment on everything you do. You can see the first play here.

tERRORbane on Steam

You begin at the end, why not? The ‘end’ combat actually seemed a bit easy and it was weird how the enemy kept changing form or whatever. Not that it matters because soon the Dev comes in and has a small piss fit you have jumped to the end and even accuses you of not watching the whole intro sequence (we did but now I wish a fucking hadn’t). You then get to start at the beginning… yay…

You play as Terrorbane, and only Terrorbane. It doesn’t matter what you want to name your character, it isn’t up to you, the Dev controls all.
Now I don’t know if this was because it was the 4th game review I did in a row in a single stream or because my Covid booster was making me grumpy but this was taking the piss. There is a fine line between ‘commentary’ from a dev and railroading control eroding any choice you make having any meaning, purpose or point.

I liked some of the weird features of the game like this game has like the random Matrix mode I encountered but it doesn’t feel like it was ready to be a demo, it just doesn’t. There are elements of this game I really like and maybe when I am in a better mood I could go back to it and find the Dev parts less intrusive but I just don’t know.

I am not sure its even working properly. This fucking puzzle was the end for us (myself and the stream).
Get to the gold rock when you can only push and come at it from one direction and not pull anything. Fuck that. It was an infuriating wall to be met with.

I will go back to it when the full release happens, I can see the potential. I liked some of what it was trying to do and I can say this is a very unique game (to me). I like the graphics style, soundtrack was fine but gameplay menus were a bit clunky. This was released back in October and hasn’t had any updates in steam since so I won’t hold my breath too much.

Shiney rating
1 paw out of 5
In its current state I am not sure it is worth the the time investment. The dev involvement felt more like it railroaded and overrode your choices instead of being a funny commentary which made some stuff just seem pointless. I will go back to it when its more polished, but right now its more turd.

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