Dry January – Week 2

I was surprised at how quick the first week went and how easy it ended up being.
On doing some research on how the first week is supposed to feel, I can happily say that I was without the vast majority of these side effects and having had my Covid Booster Jan on Day 5, the only real side effects from that were an achy arm and the chills for two days.

I am sleeping better, I have no spots anymore and I am generally more productive, happier and less anxious. I am also losing weight! So this is the run down of how week 2 went.

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Day 8
Today was weird day for the most part, I was a grumpy as I had a lot of energy but the weather meant no big walk today. I instead channelled my frustrations into work, doing a rough stream schedule until Jan 2022 & figuring out the basics of my Stream Deck.
We also (finally) had our first Dungeons & Dragons game of 2022, not our usual circus based game but a one shot where I finally got to be a spellcaster in Pathfinder 2. It was the latest we have stayed up gaming since the detox began and it felt almost naughty but because I was hyper from the game it took me a while to settle into sleep.

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Day 9
Today was great. Glorious sunshine, nice big breakfast and then a huge 6.5 mile walk on a new route we found. Chats on the walk were positive with lots focused on the future and where we might be able to move to. When we got back the stream was the first ever Subs only stream and it was amazing, such a different vibe, way more relaxed and 5 hours just flew by. Apparently I fell asleep so quickly I was snoring within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

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Day 10
Day off today. I didn’t even sit at my desk until the evening (when I prepped some bits for reviews coming up this week). No walk today as it looked like it was going to rain when we wanted to go. I made an amazing Malaysian style curry from the fantastic roast chicken we had left over from yesterday. It was so so good and with enough to last tomorrow, too. Mondays have also turned into weekly long baths, maintaining the purple hair and face masks/skin care day. I am really seeing the benefits more than I did before. Routine is happy making.

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Day 11
Adulty adulting was the start of today, two of the big jobs from last week needed chasing up. Trying to get us on the local housing list is basically the greatest source of stress in my life right now. I feel like I have hit a wall and 3 months of ignored emailed and useless phone help are the only things making me want to have a drink. What was nice today though is that a HUGE box of skin care stuff I ordered myself with Xmas money arrived today. I think I now have enough face masks to last me until my birthday. Stream was great, and we had a really nice wind down after watching Beverly Hills Cop. I am really enjoying our sober nights together.

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Day 12
A week since my COVID booster, so only another week until I can get back to the gym. I want the next week to hurry up. I woke up from the best and most interrupted nights sleep I have had so far, with nearly a solid 10 hours without waking up! This is a huge milestone for me, sleep has always been an issue – either getting to sleep or staying asleep. Alcohol used to be my ‘knockout’ juice but I would always wake up feeling groggy & shitty – or at the worst part of my drinking, hungover and unable to function. I am really enjoying not putting off tasks, being productive and how my dark eye circles are really starting to fuck off.
The weather was kind today, so we went on a 6.5 mile walk.

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Day 13
Today was a fun day in house Shiney. Duck is down a new game rabbit-hole and I managed to first play 3 new games and do two streams! We didn’t get out for a walk because of said gaming rabbit hole but we did order a lovely Chinese from a new local place and all was very chilled. Still not missing alcohol, feeling really proud so far. I managed to stream until 4am without my game play going down the crapper or falling asleep on stream. Not a huge entry today because after 13 hours stream its just been a fucking great day.

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Day 14
Two weeks! I’ve made it two weeks! I think this is almost the longest time I have been without alcohol in 4 years. When I had a ‘sensible’ relationship with booze I would only drink 3 nights a week – and not to oblivion, oh how the pandemic did not help… or the stress of teaching/divorce/selling a house/moving.
Now I’ve made two weeks though, I am back to wondering how far I can push it, I know I said that last week, but I really am enjoying life at the moment. It has been such a good week for sleep, and streaming and just getting shit done. Even today, after going to bed at 4/5am and waking up without a hangover for the first time, well ever, as its usually booze that keeps me up this late is amazing. I am still up and productive really damn quickly. So happy with how this week has gone.

Week 2:
Walked over 19 miles and lost 2 kg!

I am hoping sharing my experience has been helpful. I know that recording the experience has meant it was at times much easier to carry on and not ‘crack’. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol dependency please in the first instance speak your DR, GP or local alcohol charities. It is possible to go from nightly use to a healthier relationship but its hard to do alone. See you again next week!

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