One hand clapping

I start off this review by thanking MrsSuperman for bringing this to my attention way back in the summer of 2021. So when I joined keymailer and saw it was available, I literally requested it on every platform and was finally lucky enough to get it on Steam.

So what is it? Well One Hand Clapping is a very cute styled 2D platformer where you solve puzzles… by singing (or humming). The reason it has taken me a little longer than usual to review this game is due to that very unique fact (and the fact my downstairs neighbours have no chill).You can see our first play here.

One Hand Clapping | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games Store

If you remember the old music generated scenery game Vib-Ribbon the scenery changed based on the music, this is similar, but instead you are the music and you need yourself to solve puzzles/move objects/copy the AI. Its a really interesting concept.


I found the puzzles fairly easy to figure out, I don’t know if that’s because we only managed two levels before my game encountered an issue but its straightforward – and therefore probably child friendly.

It is also undoubted pretty to look at, reminding me of both Limbo and Wytchwood for the care and attention to graphics and I really like the seamless controller support.

Its been the weirdest game I have ever streamed. I know I sing all the time when I play games, and I have a sing mode but this is very different. I felt so exposed. I thought I could hold a tune but the pitch shifts and getting used to what the game wants of you rather than what you think you hear is interesting. A bit like vocals on Lets Sing games, or Guitar Hero I felt in order to get it right for the game I had to be a bit… flat? Its an odd one. But apparently it was entertaining to watch even if it was somewhat infuriating trying to match the AI in level 2.


I can honestly say in my 30 years of playing games, I have never played a game like this – but sadly I don’t think I will again. My chat summed up this game really well – imagine you got this for your kid but had NO idea how much singing you would be exposed to (or humming or whatever), my partner had to leave the house because it was so constant you couldn’t get any respite from it. When he did come home, he agreed with the chat and me that it is a beautiful game, but could be annoying to live with and overall is very gimmicky rather than innovative.

I am not sure given how much I was able to play it before we encountered an error, it would be worth its current full price (roughly £11 – £13 on all platforms). Its a novel idea, a pretty execution but after the game bugged out I am not itching to return to it. I thought I was more musically inclined but this game made me feel otherwise when streaming.

Shiney Rating
2 paws out of 5
Could be good for a rainy afternoon with the kids, or as a silly party game maybe but it is very gimmicky feeling. There is no doubt its lovely to look at but it lacks the hook of real achievement and fun. I understand the mixed reviews on Steam now. Whilst I am glad I was able to try it, I am glad I didn’t buy it.

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