I’ve got a thing about cats, okay? You know this, I am literally called Shiney Cat. Games with cats will always get my attention, so when I saw this on keymailer I HAD TO. You can see our first playthrough here.

Catizens - Alpha 1 trailer - YouTube

At the time of writing this it is still a demo, so I am hoping that is why we had some of the issues we did.
Off stream I had a go at the longer story mode and did the tutorial but I got frustrated, so when we streamed our playthrough I just went to the sandbox mode, hoping for a better experience. I sadly still got frustrated.


There is a lot to ‘figure out yourself’ like how you can make apprentices. The fact that this wasn’t explained meant the first playthrough really suffered because of it. You have 3 (ish) type of cats – those with no skill, warriors & architects. Once I realised I could have apprentices the game got easier but I had already started to run out of food. This then became a game ending issue because no more boars spawned, so I got no more meat and the market didn’t really seem to deliver (or if it did, the cats didn’t want the bread).

The actual cat customisation is good, but the mechanics of controlling the little furry buggers is annoying. They don’t wait and you can’t make proper little units to send to a place. They also sleep whenever they want, so if all your fighters are napping at the same time, you can lose half your camp to the aforementioned wild boars.


You also cannot build until the area is cleared so its worth building one house, accepting some skill-less cats and then getting them to do all the groundwork clearing. Again, poorly explained mechanics I wish I had known about sooner.

The thing is, I like this game, it has potential. You know I have a huge Anno addiction and Anvil was also incredible but this is just a cute a clunky game in its current format. I would be nice if mouse buttons played more of a role in rotating the camera or buildings as this isn’t intuitive or like other games of the same type.

As I said, this is a demo and because of that I am taking it easy on the over criticisms of the game but when its full version and I go back to it, I expect these issues to be fixed, or what was the point of this endeavour?

Shiney rating
2 paws out of 5
This has the potential to be a very cute and addictive little game. It has the the barebones of something wonderful are there but the current execution is poor, clunky and unintuitive. Focus less on cat customization and more on game mechanics.

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