Organs Please (Demo)

We are no stranger to games published by HeroCraftPC having recently reviewed the Catizens demo. With the little known techhome developing it this is a totally different game to what we have seen previously from HeroCraft, so decided it was worth requesting.
You can see our play through here.

It's Papers PLEASE but with Meat! - Organs Please FULL DEMO SHOWCASE - The  FIRST 20 Minutes - YouTube

Long story short, we love this game.

It is hard, is it funny, it requires very quick decision or a backseat gamer with a second pair of eyes and since the first playthrough I have completed the demo at least 4 times.
Not since Anvil Saga has a demo captured my attention so much that I once again totally missed there being people involved in the game, being in the stream (and I genuinely love how interactive HeroCraft are with their player base!).

There is a serious amount of joy and glee in deciding to send someone off to be salvaged into parts. You are either useful to the cause or you are useful as recycled parts. Its brutal, I love it. Very reminiscent of Papers, Please – but I love the added dark humour that if you’re worthless as human, maybe you can become more useful as textiles, canned meat, bones, hair, skin or blood. If you also decide someone is super super useless (or a terrorist) you can set them on fire.


I really like managing the factory, and its so important to keep going back and checking on your workers so they don’t stress themselves into an accident or stop being productive because you’re full somewhere. Going back to the factory also pauses the main work clock for letting people in or sending them to the bin so you can have a quick break from the fast paced decision making.

Interspersed with the great game play is also the humour of the storyline and the propaganda machine propped up with dodgy back deals and back scratching. Its truly a brilliant game.

The only thing I dislike about the game play is the fact you have to click and clear every pop up for every notification (and there are a lot of them) – a dismiss or a small x on each one would clear this up very quickly.

Shiney Rating
4 paws out of 5
Fix the over need for clicking notifications and this game will be a solid 5 out of 5. Its funny, its dark and you get to literally set people on fire. Looking forward to a fixed release date so we can get cracking on the Ark!

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