Humble Choice: January

Another month, another offering from Humble Choice.
Lets have a look at the first offerings of 2022.

Mafia: Definitive Edition
I have played Mafia games in the past and tended to enjoy them, so it was nice to see this come up as the headliner for this month. Who doesn’t like a bit of 1930’s crime? This has been remade lovingly so if you enjoyed it before – why not give in to nostalgia? And 87% of Steam agree!

Iron Harvest
When in the right mood, I am a huge fan of RTS games, and with this being set in the alternate reality of 1920(ish) this feels pretty epic. There are rich single player and co-op offerings as well as a multiplayer, so there is plenty to get in to.
On the whole this has been positively received with a 73% Steam rating.

Project winter
This game wants you to betray your friends. It does rely on a group of you playing together with its 8 person multiplayer (because obviously you will kill random people over ones you know & like) but it also encourages (to a point) working together to survive. Not unlike First class trouble. This is a current trend with newer games (work together until you can screw each other) because 86% of Steam are liking it.

Rebel Cops
How can cops be rebels? I suppose it depends on when the game is set? Like a rebel cop in the 70’s wouldn’t be prejudiced (for example) and therefore a rebel… I think I have taken this too literally. This is actually a spin off from This is the police, and is turn based tactical ops against the grip the criminals have on your town. Interested premise but I feel mixed looking at it, something that 77% Steam of Steam agree with.

I swear this is like medieval GTA, Bully and Fable. Your poor character doesn’t even had a name because he parents couldn’t be fucking bothered to name him and that’s basically where the injustice starts. Its even got undertones of Monty Python humour so promises to be silly, historically inaccurate and entertaining. With a 82% Steam rating, seems like is it well worth a look!

The Henry Stickman collection
This is the one I am most excited about, from Newgrounds it is a choose your own path type with 6 games and so many different endings. It just looks fun and silly with a fair bit of replay-ability depending on how you approach it. Its the clear stand-out star of the month with a whopping 98% Steam rating!

Farmers Dynasty
I don’t understand these games, I just don’t. I don’t get Farming Simulator, I didn’t even like fucking Farmville. This is so in the farming zone there is ROLE PLAYING. This scares me, like its going to wake me up before 4am so I can start playing. I am sure it appeals to a certain audience but that audience is not me. The lowest rated of this months game with only a 68% Steam rating. The main gripes seem to be pushed upon DLCs and game functions promised & not implemented.

Between the Stars
This a pretty space RPG (yes I know, another one) but the combat is in real time as you are at the helm of an interstellar cruiser. You take on the role of protector against ‘the children of the sun’. It seems to have been well thought out and expanding your crew will obviously aid you in your battles. Worth a look if this is your kind of jam, with a 81% Steam rating.

Very synth, very 80’s and very nostalgic. Why not?
Except this is more of an idealised futuristic version of the 80’s (hopefully without Nouvelle cuisine). You start off with one car but can then acquire more as you go and all are upgradeable. The music seems like the big sell on this with over 45 different synth tracks. If you want to pop on shell suit and go for a drive this is for you, with a huge 96% Steam rating.

Midnight Protocol
Our final game of the month is a tactical RPG offering. Set in the near future including issues with big data, AI, and the weird world of our online identities. You start off playing a hacktivist who recently got doxxed (something all streamers dread so this hit home). You are now being targeted and blackmailed by an offshoot of the government. Not unlike the vibes you get from Watchdog. Seems to appeal to current social narratives with an impressive 94% Steam rating.

Does one of these games sounds like your thing? They will be available as part of the Follower !Friyay stream giveaway from the end of January over on the Shiney_Cat channel.

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