PlayStation Plus games: October 2021

Is it just me, or does with each passing month do these games keep failing to hit the mark?

This months 3 games are just as frustrating as last months offering, and in some cases worse.

Hell Let Loose
You have to ask yourself why a game that was only released back in May on PC is essentially the headliner for this months PS Plus and ONLY if you happen to have a PS5 (and don’t get me started on how hard that still is to acquire, I have all but given up). The game itself was only released on console on a few days ago, so what the actual fuck??
I know its of a very similar vein to Escape from Tarkov, so maybe there is an element of Sony trying to win content creators back a bit, but who knows?
Its very similar to Battlefield and fans of war shooters will probably love it, but what about those of us who are either tired on the genre OR feel this is a bit of a cop out for PS4 PS Plus users this yet another game we add the library, never to be downloaded or looked at again.

Mortal Combat X
This game was released back in 2015, just let that sink in. TWENTY fucking FIFTEEN.
Why is this even here? Don’t get me wrong I have no issue with the game itself but have this as your second billing (or first if you haven’t got a PS5) this seems like a total piss take.
6 years and 6 months later fans of the series would’ve probably already gotten it, so I don’t see why this was included at all. Especially when something like Tekken 7 (which still has a massive online player base hence the still hefty price tag) is more popular at the moment and is the same age.

PGA Tour 2K21
I don’t care about golf, do you care about golf? WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT GOLF?
I can almost understand the attraction of man-baby-ball games like FIFA or other sports games like the NBA or NHL series’ but this I don’t get. More than that why the fuck is this a free game this month? Its over a year old, so again if this is your jam you probably already own it – so its another wasted library item for the vast majority of us.

Looking at this more closely, do you know what else I see? Nothing that caters for younger players and nothing that might cater for co-op, puzzle lovers or even casual female gamers.
The addition last month of Overcooked: AYCE was great, but again was reserved the rare elitist PS5 club.
I really hope November is better. I don’t think I have loved and embraced a PSN game since Dead by daylight (and that was July 2018). Sort your shit out Sony, Please.

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