The first 24 hour stream attempt

So just as I start to feel human again I decided to reflect on what went well and what could go better.

As with trying anything new, you go into it having an idea of how it might go and things you want to try or achieve which is amazing to keep you motivated but also really good for reflection after the fact.

Things I have learnt from the first attempt at a 24 hour stream.

13 Accurate Memes About Being Tired That We Can All Relate To

1. If the week leading up to it is bad, call it off. The issues I had this week because of lack of sleep meant I went into it on the back foot. I’d already been up nearly 3 hours before I started, so when it got to hour 16 I was really struggling. You lot were amazing and said I should be kinder to myself but it was something preventable. Next time I will be more honest with myself about it.

Break time Memes

2. Breaks are your friend, food is your friend, caffeine is your friend. This was actually fine. After a lot of research I knew I would need some caffeine (which I don’t use for 13 hour streams). So I went with Sneak and I loved it. Probably shouldn’t have had the tequila shots though. Booze isn’t your friend and remember to prepare for the caffeine withdrawal afterwards.


3. Do more for the audience! We did 4 hours of Jackbox but next time I plan to include more for you guys. In chat games have been upped and there’s even fun facts etc but I am thinking of introducing stream raiders so you can battle each other and marbles on stream. I would also like to include raffles for other prizes and really would love to hear your thoughts on what you’d want to include.

4. Making it special. The first 24 hour stream was to see if we could do it and I loved the experience. The next one will be triggered when we get to 1500 followers. Other marathon streams will be on Friday 13th’s, Valentines day and St Patricks day.

At the time of writing this we are at about 760~ followers, which is a huge jump from the 600 we got to on September 4th 2021, so there is a real chance we will go for the 24 hours before the end of the year!

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