Humble Choice: October

Every month, the lovely people at Humble Bundle provide a monthly choice service. This is the brief run down of the October selection.

Katana Zero
Is a cute and crazy filled neo noir action platformer.
Its combat is fast paced and brutal but the story itself seems beautifully haunting. The steam reviews show a happy and loyal fanbase with 97% positive reviews, something most current new AAA games can’t claim at the moment!

Amnesia: rebirth
Its creepy, you wake up somewhere with no idea of how you got there… not unlike the start of Blindspot I guess.
The isn’t a style of game I usually don’t play but on first glances this seems fairly well executed with plenty of puzzles and a focus on both the mental and physical aspects of trying to get through this experience.
Worth a look if it is your bag.

John Wick Hex
Okay, I love John Wick. I was late getting to the film series but I LOVE IT. So when I saw this I got a bit fan girl like. It was made basically as a proper movie tie-in and its this gorgeous animated style that makes you feel you’ve jumped into a comic book! Totally worth a look 🙂

112 Operator
Do you like those TV series where you hear about the people in the 911 or 999 dispatch centres? Well then this is the game for you. Its an interesting concept (reminds me a bit of games like Papers, Please) but this seems way more applicable to modern issues. It even has dodgy weather and natural disasters!

Guts & Glory
A fun little game that reminds me of both Pain and Joe Danger, but the added joy of building your own ridiculous courses. Race to the finish line and try not to die… simple, yet VERY challenging.
Nice to have something that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Ring of Pain
As a HUGE fan of Magic the Gathering and PokĂ©mon Trading card game, and after my short but intense affair with Gwent – this is another card game I can lose hours of my life to. Not only that but it has massive Dungeon Keeper or even Overlord vibes. Its been a huge hit with fans of card base games on steam with 91% Positive reviews.

Garage: Bad Trip
Top down inane twin stick shooter, which reminds me LOADS of Dead Nation! This has evolved somewhat from that as it also includes racing, which as someone who grew up on the top down driving game Action Fighter, I was very happy to see!

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia
Now remember those text adventure games from the late 80’s early 90’s? This is what they would be on crack! Dodge attacks whilst at the same time TYPING out exorcisms. Its certainly unique. If you’re a fan of games that use a more basic artistic layout of retro games gone by, this might well just be for you.

Tools Up
No two ways about it, this is an adorable game about getting tasks done and working together. HUGE bonus for the Shiney house is that it is a couch co-op game! If you want something to play with your smalls or maybe someone who needs a gateway game, this is for you.

Hiveswap Friendism
For me, this is a weird game. You find yourself on a planet and these two trolls approach you in your hour of desperation for friendship.
Its a visual novel style game which I admit I have ZERO experience with but of fans of the genre this has been a huge hit boasting 93% positive ratings on steam.

Black to the Future ’88
You have 18 minutes to get to the top of the tower in this epic 2D action shooter. Climb through the game and overcome everything in your way. Its okay to die as you can upgrade and make yourself even better. The tower does also upgrade with you though, so be careful. Maybe take a friend in local co-op.. or you know, screw them over for victory!

Syberia 3
You are Kate Walker, on your 3 adventure in the series. When you’re found nearly dead you must find a way to carry on your race against time journey as figures from Kates past finally catch up to her.
The trailer is very pretty but the reviews a super mixed. Might be one to try if you’ve played the first two, otherwise its probably a nope.

Does one of these games sounds like your thing? They will be available as part of the Follower !Friyay stream giveaway from the end of October over on the Shiney_Cat channel.

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