Pronty: Fishy Adventure

Every now and again, I see something different on Keymailer that attracts my attention. Seeing the initial artwork on Keymailer got me very interested and you can see my first play here.

This game is gorgeous. Its honestly one of the prettiest games I have played in a really long time. Its beautiful, atmospheric and has a lovely Bioshock art deco feel.

You play as Pronty ZX-921, who is now old enough to be a protector and will begin 6 months of military training with your robotic swordfish partner Bront. Together and with the rest of the protectors you help the humans defend their homes from various deep sea threats and issues.

You start off with simple enough training and learning combat as well as exploring the gorgeous environment. Once again a water based game makes me sad about how much litter there is in the sea (a bit like Trash Sailors but not quite as ‘OI! Look at this!!’).

Combat starts off simple and then adds more complicated mechanics as you play more, with Bront being your weapon as well as your friend.

Controls are set to WADS and but with ‘partial’ controller support in that you can move but cannot interact with or attack anything without also use mouse & keyboard. This makes the game (for me) hit a wall with how much I can do at once in controlling both Pronty and Bront. I don’t think it is too much to ask for controller support and I think that is what is missing in order to make this game addictively perfect.

Its such a lovely little game and I will be diving (pun intended) back into it to see how much more I can explore and to see what happens after the big bad attack makes you have to move from your original little starting point.

I just hope controller support gets added soon! It will make it a lot easier to play. The community agreed that it needs controller support before they would pick up this too – so whilst this is brilliant and gorgeous, it is sadly self limiting.

Shiney rating
3 paws out of 5
A gorgeous art deco feeling underwater adventure. Pronty has got so much going for it and it visually very stunning but I feel it is totally held back by its lack of controller support. It is sad such a simple thing will stop this game reaching its full audience/player base potential.

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