Survival quiz CITY

This crazy colourful game captured my attention as it was something new I could bring to my community and play with them. I was more than over joyed when I was able to get not ONE but TEN keys via Lurkit for this game and you can see us play it for the first time here.

This game is fucking hilarious.

We failed spectacularly in the first round we played because we failed to get the first question right but that did not put us off at all. If anything it made us try the other game mode too and after a good solid hour of giggles and sillies we can safely say this is an awesome game.

This game is funny down from the floor worm wiggles you can do (very inappropriately), to the climbing, throwing banana skins on the floor and the useless confetti (its good for celebrating).

The quiz side of the game is by no means easy and the time pressure to get onto the ‘winning team’ means that sometimes its more of a case of guessing quickly than knowledge. If you are on the winning team you get to shoot down at everyone else trying to make a mad dash to the end. If you lose, you end up in an almost Fall Guys style colourful obstacle course.

For example, there are quick fire questions during the races that if you get right can boost your stamina and get to the end faster (much needed when climbing) and sometimes its just easier to guess than read. Except I didn’t read the question about regularly showing or bathing, which set me up for this ridiculous clip (tip, you should shower and bathe regularly).

A few of us had control issues, and we found that if you are using a controller to play the game that it is in fact easier to plug the controller in after you load the game. The hit boxes also a bit sticky but the game is just solid fun.

In between questions you can get temp upgrades and unlocks that only last until the end of the match – which means if you are brand new to the game you won’t enter a world where everyone is more OP than you (something which a lot of games do suffer from for newbies).

It does suffer from a lack of a constant player base though, as I had given out the keys before we did our first play some of the community had tried to play online but without much luck. With the 8 of us though it was excellent fun and will be now on rotation as a regular community game (not something that a lot of games we have reviewed can boast).

Our only real major criticism is a lack of variety in the game modes, but we had so much fun in the hour we did play that we cannot wait to play it again (and it was only a pre-schedules Worms WMD game that actually made us stop). I am also eyeing up the ‘make your own questions’ section for even more custom community shenanigans.

Shiney rating
3.5 paws out of 5
Its a brilliant fun game that is like Trivia Murder party meets Fall Guys on acid. It is great with friends and a perfect community game if you want a laugh. Anyone can just pick it up and play, but you do need to make sure you get it with others so that you can get a chance to play.

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