Humble Choice: November

Another month, another random and amusing collection of games from the lovely people at Humble Bundle

Due Process

I was really interested when I saw the trailer for this game, You start off with some top down planning before you start a level (which is way better than getting drones to try and play eye spy in RS6). Its VERY tactical and I get the feeling this is the kinda of one of those where a team on comms versus randoms would win every time.
If you’re looking for a budget version of RS6 that is more tactical – you have come to the right place. With Steam reviews coming in at 85% positive.

House Flipper

Project management – the game! Now this is especially funny as I know several people who have bought houses to flip them and its been a source of great stress and physical labour. So maybe taunting them by getting them a copy of this game for Xmas could be a great prank or lead to many many arguments… who knows? All joking aside I can see how one could get some enjoyment from this. Especially if you are trapped in the land of perpetual renting and 95% of people who have played this agree its fun on the bun!

Project Wingman

This is not (what I had initially though) a simulator where you take your bestie to a bar and set them up with people – thereby being the best of all wingmen/wingwomen. Instead it seems like a realllllllly polished modern version of the old Sega classic Afterburner (or where I would see that game if it was made now). As someone who used to play flight sims twice a week (had a joystick & everything!) this does look fun. With VR support I can imagine this game very trippy if you’re combat (not sure how my motion sickness would cope with that!) But clearly its doing something right with 94% positive reviews on steam.


Apparently the bird is the word. A really relaxing strategy game I can see my Nan playing if she had a computer, or as a great tool for someone studying biology/birds at school or just someone who is a casual gamer with an interest in ornithology. Reminds me of the relaxing game Flower from PS3. If you were a fan of the card game before it went digital you will love this and it supports up to 5 players. 95% of Steam agrees!

BPM: Bullets Per Minute

I like the premise of this, your actions are tied to the beats of the music and enemies basically dance fight you. Its like Doom meets Vib Ribbon ( I was huge into any games that involved music or things generated because of said music) so this has been really fun to see! Plus its a game with a rock opera soundtrack, so as a huge rock chick this ticks so many boxes for me. Steam also agrees its filled a niche with 93% positive reviews.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Turnip boy is a bit of a wanker, isn’t he? If we really look at it. Even in the trailer he finds someone else’s’ train ticket, USES IT and then starts on animals. Like I don’t know if I want to help him after he was evicted for not paying taxes. He doesn’t seem like he has grown from the experience. Its very old school Pokémon Gameboy vibes. Not usually the type of game I personally go for but I know its poplar because 86% of people said so.

SimpleRockets 2

Pretend to be a billionaire and build your own rocket to go into space!
A nicely detailed 3D space sim that lacks the hilarity of Kerbal Space program but doesn’t lack the physics and tactics. There is a huge breadth of customisation but without being a massive resource hog. Only 1GB of HDD storage needed (basically unheard of for a game like this). 93% of Steam reviews agree this is an awesome little gem of a game.


A beautiful puzzle game that boasts ‘Game of the Year’. You control time with media and rewind events to undo mistakes in your past (something I think a lot of players would wish they could do in real life). It also has self co-op so you can control all aspects of the game and how they interact. For me Limbo will always be my fave indie puzzle game but this could be a really be a contender. 96% of steam love this, no wonder it got game of the year!

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin

This is Doom & Quake vibes, you can see it in the art and the trailer. It is Doom (or maybe is it Quake), its a nice homage to those shooters but it TRIES to be those shooters. The colour pallet and everything is all a lovely nod (or slight rip off) depending on your view point. But if you can’t currently run newer Doom on your PC this should work a treat. However it is still in early access and some issues reported include random teleporting of enemies. Still doing well in the community with 85% positive reviews.


I started my love of hex based games with Age of booty, so when I saw this I got excited because I haven’t played one FOR YEARS.
However this one seems like (from reviews and lack of videos around -never a good sign) that it gets a bit repetitive. Which is a shame but is the weakest of the bundle this month with only 76% positive reviews.

Does one of these games sounds like your thing? They will be available as part of the Follower !Friyay stream giveaway from the end of November over on the Shiney_Cat channel.

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