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Now before you point out this isn’t as new as all my other reviews, I recently started using game pass and it has been A TOTAL GAME CHANGER! (pun intended, fuck off). And basically I intend to review any news games to me, not just brand new titles!

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So when this initially came out I remember seeing it and thinking “oh that looks fun” but then not really giving it much more though. Mostly because I’d seen some content on it and I thought for a fairly simplistic game it didn’t really need the release price tag it had.
Fast forward to WeeJohn streaming a few weeks back when he was cackling to himself like a looney sugar high kid because he was jumping on boats and fucking shit up – I was officially jelly. So imagine my joy when I tried Game Pass for the first time last week and its one of the games!

You start off as this epic but wounded momma shark, in a fairly fucking sad opening. Only to have your new born offspring ripped from you and you fucking die!

Baby Shark - Super Simple Songs

Then you start the game as a baby shark (doo doo do do do), and have to eat your way to evolutions. At this point alligators & crocodiles are scary as fuck so its more about snacking on the small things and finding boxes to open. Also it is SO POLLUTED! If the games secondary message is “hey fuckers, look what you’re doing to the ocean” yeah I am getting it. Hard.

South Park" Whale Whores (TV Episode 2009) - IMDb

You then have ‘episodes’ and complete various objectives before going to check on your nemesis and mummy killer Scaly Pete, who is in the middle of one of the life at sea documentaries that South Park took the piss out of in “Whale Whores“. You get the idea, he wants to be this man at sea hard nut talking about his Pops and trying to deal with his marine biologist son. Little does he know that we are just biding our time, getting bigger and bigger… until VENEGNCE (I assume, we’re on episode 4 atm).

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The whole game as you play is narrated like a wildlife show and if you recognise the voice, you are in fact hearing one of the cast of Archer (Chris Parnell) talk you through some fun marine facts and snarky quips.

So far we have spent about 2 full evenings really getting into the fun of the game and we have only just hit a wall where we grinding for upgrades so we can take on the last few named hunters and evolve into the biggest and best version of ourselves.

I love jumping up on land a fucking up a load of tourists before having to stealth hide whilst hunters look for you (a bit like waiting for your GTAV wanted level to go down). Although there are pesky diving hunters with harpoons but they are easy enough to eat. Most things are to be honest.

Its been a load of fun but also to us highlighted the joy of Game Pass. After all the games we have bought this year that have been disappointing, it was nice to play this game from last year and really enjoy it.
I don’t think it will have a lot of replay ability to be honest, the named characters are dead once killed for evolutions but I am interested to see what happens to Scaly Pete.

Shiney rating
3 paws out of 5

Nice simple game premise, I am invested in the vengeance and its really nicely put together. Just a shame that when we get to the end this will probably be one we don’t go back to.

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