I chose this one on Keymailer for Duck to play and review - its way more his bag than mine but after our first play you'll see why it is I am doing the review instead.You can watch the futile 13 minutes here, its worth if only for the comedy of Ducks commentary. After it … Continue reading Warcos

Hidden Deep

Creepy tunnels? Possible death? Two-play local co-op so I can throw a rubber chicken at duck when he gets us killed?Sign me up! You can see our first play here. This game lied to me from the very start. Rich dark sci-fi story. The story pays tribute to 80's and 90's games and movie classics like … Continue reading Hidden Deep

Bunny Memory

Our second ever PS4 Keymailer game comes courtesy of Dilly frame in the form of BUNNIES (most of their games have bunnies, I don't know why, just go with it).You can see the first and completed play here. So what is it? Simply put it is a memory game involving bunnies.It has both local (split … Continue reading Bunny Memory


I think I can safely say house Shiney loves Nibb Games. We just do.So after we played and reviews The Psychoduck, they asked if we wanted any more of their games and seeing a local co-op we jumped at Kinduo.You can see our completed run here You play as either the chonk or the bolt … Continue reading Kinduo

Crystal Clash

Two words - tower defence. At least that's the lie I was sold when I found this game on Keymailer. You can see my first play here. I'll be honest, it lasted longer than it should have done. According to the game blurb it boasts: Completely free-to-playFucking good job to be honest.Short, intense 2v2 and … Continue reading Crystal Clash