NOTE: There will be a few spoilers in this review. Not major spoilers, but more to do with the core functioning of the game and not to do with the story.Mentions: EXP, LV(LOVE), Training Dummy, Nature of the game's “life lessons”, all gameplay routes, that some characters die (but not specified which do), and a … Continue reading Undertale


Okay, so this game review is kind of a long time coming. Unturned is a game that I've spent countless hours in. Excluding the games that I used to play on my Xbox back in the day, when hours weren't counted, and you couldn't see how addicted to a game you really were.It goes as … Continue reading Unturned

Midnight: Submersion – Nightmare Horror

I think the steam review by nbartley1998 sums this game up completely. "Load gameConfused immediatelyWalk outsideNo directiveGet punched by slappy the dummyUninstall game10/10" Once again, another horror game that I was excited to play, once again another horror game that I have uninstalled and will never touch again. Keymailer once again has supplied me with … Continue reading Midnight: Submersion – Nightmare Horror


Ratropolis takes the cake from Castle On The Coast from me for "best game I've received from Keymailer yet." in the grounds that I am playing this game off-stream and really am enjoying it. Castle On The Coast is still by far a better game, but due to me getting motion sickness and Ratropolis being … Continue reading Ratropolis

Huge Enemy

Huge Enemy is one of the games I've purchased in a Fanatical Bundle ages ago, more than likely at a cost of £4.99 for 12 games, or something along those say lines getting this game at a steal at that time. Now the game is free for anyone to play, which I think is a … Continue reading Huge Enemy

Amazon Rush

Amazon Rush is an endless runner game, created in the peak of runner-game-hype along with games like Subway Surfer and the like. Judging by the game itself, it's honestly hard to tell whether this game was an honest attempt at recreating the magic, or a blatant attempt at grabbing from the pockets of people who … Continue reading Amazon Rush


Agross is a simple survival management game. It is truly very simple. The person you control is not even humanoid, it's essentially a player counter from Sorry!. In a way, it makes the game a whole different experience as you are being told these people are human despite not seeing them that way. For me, … Continue reading Agross


Another game from Keymailer, this time one that I had high hopes for. Promising classic open-world RPG elements and fun adventures, Gedonia looked like it was a bit of a break from the burden on AAA adventure games without being an indie MMO, but allowing almost full control of doing whatever the fuck you wanted … Continue reading Gedonia

9 Balls

9 Balls is indeed a billiards game, what happens when it is 8 balls instead? This is the question I asked when I opened the title screen and instead of "play", "options" and "exit" I was met with "8 balls" and "9 balls".Now this isn't important obviously, but it was a lingering question. Why call … Continue reading 9 Balls

Receiver 2

I first went into Receiver 2 thinking that this was a first person shooter game like any other, I was wrong. I'd read the blurb on how it teaches you vaguely how a vast array of guns work in the most "This Does Not Qualify As Actual Gun Training" way as possible, but still thinking … Continue reading Receiver 2