Drawize – Draw and Guess

Another one of those games that I was offered based on what I do, this game was offered to me on Keymailer and given that I will try anything once, this is exactly what I did… but several months ago because this game was so poor it has taken me months to get round to the review.

I have been quite resistant to other drawing games due to their lack of moderation ability and someone once got so pushy over Gartic phone I swore I would never fucking touch it. But this is a very similar vein.
It is essentially free to play or you can get a copy on Steam for just under £7 which stops the over intrusive adverts.

As I had a copy and was the host I was not hit by adverts in the same way everyone else and they did feel it was a huge barrier to the game. They happened so frequently for players that it did ruin their experience of the game – and were so much more jarring than a twitch ad during Jackbox.

The main problem with his game is that if you go into an over saturated genre of games you have to offer something new and you have to do it well. This game fails both of these benchmarks.

It was interesting to also see the community feedback about this game, which agreed.

In addition to the intrusive ads, if you’re the host that streams this game you also cannot hide what your ‘prompt’ was, meaning the stream can see it and ‘guess’ correctly almost immediately. Which makes the game entirely pointless to stream.

Its just a bit crap.

You can see what it is trying to do but it falls woefully fall short.

Like one of those drawings kids bring home all proud like but you’ve been drawn like a mutant potato and you then have to see it on the fridge every morning.

Shiney rating
0 paws outs of 5.
It offers nothing unique, it doesn’t do anything well.
Its a total waste of time.

Watch the first play for yourself and see if you agree with the rating.

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