In the mood to review

Some of you may have noticed that whilst I have played at least 7 new games as part of first play Thursday recently – I am yet to follow these up with reviews.

Sadly, the bottom line is I haven’t enjoyed a huge amount of the new games recently. Rather than just force myself to churn out a “this is shit and why” post so it’s covered, I’m leaving it until I can articulate better why it is these games haven’t been for me.

Just before my week off we played ‘Go Fetch’ and ‘Drawise’ and whilst both of these games provided some entertainment they weren’t ones we’ll be keep in rotation and both suffered the same issues as many other indie style games.

Similarly, other games I’ve recently played have been mediocre at best, and a worst a waste of the bandwidth and electricity it took to even install and run them. I have especially fallen out of love with Keymailer both because of a recent (read unnecessarily shitty) email from them and because the titles there are just so much more of the same and without the statistical transparency it is unclear why games I really would want to play and review reject you.

So coming soon, first play Thursday will be honest reactions to games I already own and the very first time I play them. You’ll then see more of that game on solo Saturday if its something we have all enjoyed.

I will still be keeping in with Lurkit, though. I feel the games choice, community discord and stats transparency is just so much better!

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