Big Potato TV (Pack 1)

I have started to get cheeky and going direct to source when I see games I want to try. As HUGE weekly lovers and players of Jackbox games I am always on the look out for more of the community party vibe games that we can all share & play together. You can see our hilarious first play here.

We are no stranger to Big Potato games in house Shiney, as we own a few of the board games (and hopefully more coming soon now I am an ambassador) so the idea of having these digitised so that we can play with YOU and ANYONE else over the internet is a HUGE deal for us.

Pack 1 comes with 3 games, so lets go through each one!

Can of Squirms
We have a physical copy of this in House Shiney, it was gifted to us just before the end of the world (pandemic) started so we haven’t had a house full enough to play it until recently. Supporting up to 8 players, you get paired off and asked a series of awkward questions that everyone else then ‘bets’ on the answer. Can you agree who has the best life soundtrack? Who would leave a restaurant without paying (me… long story, shut up) or even who is the best dancer? As we have a very established community of regular players this was easy enough to play and quite funny. The second playthrough went better as the audience voting on whether or not the pair would agree was easier to read.

Herd Mentality
This game is about trying to be the same as everyone else, and I am not a people pleaser by any stretch of the imagination. You win cows based on how many people agree with you and I found that being too specific is just as bad as going off on a tangent! Tactical people pleasing is key and I like the fact that every round had a different cow wrangler who can assign (or not) the cursed pink cow.

This is by far the best digital community drawing game we have ever ever played.
Yes, really. Its Chinese whispers that flicks between you either getting an image to caption or something to draw. The scope for misinterpretation and hilarity is HUGE as we found out when hamburgers for hands was mistaken for cheerleaders, washing your mouth out with soap was confused with eating ice cream and a prison break looked like the Bee Gee’s (I swear it did, shut up).

In terms of it being “family friendly” we didn’t find anything in the way of profanity filters so streaming it was a little risky but we always have contingencies for this in case of trolls during other community games (like hiding the room code etc). I know it is designed for the fact we are allowed in each others homes once again but streaming it was great fun and it has now been added to our community party games choice wheel!
Genuinely a seamless transfer of physical to digital games which widens the scope hugely, I cannot wait to see what is in pack 2!

Here is hoping in the mean time we get a dedicated category on Twitch so the potential these games can have for a bigger audience can shine!

Shiney rating
4.5 paws out of 5
Perfect in every way except the ability to censor things.
It is brilliant to see physical games being moved to the digital world and to have such a huge brilliant contender to the likes of Jackbox. They were fun games before but being able to have them in this format is just fantastic! Scrawl is our standout community favourite! Definitely worth getting if you play party games of ANY kind!

You can see us play and join in Sundays from 5pm GMT and if you want a copy of this for yourself, head over to their store now – 3 games for £17? TOTAL bargain!

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