Citywars Tower Defense

I love tower defence games, I really do. One of them (geoDefense) was the WHOLE reason I brought my first iPhone back in 2008, yes really.
They are addictive with the right amount (when done properly) of strategy and puzzle fun where you can really find ways to efficiently beat every wave or level. At least that’s what I get out of them. This game popped up on as a ‘pre-approved’ on Keymailer, I thought I would give it a go. You can see the first play here.

This game is not for me as it its basically like someone decided to try and have a bastardised baby of a tower defense game with an unwilling Minecraft rip off.

I could get past the graphics if the gameplay was worth it, I really could – but this is fucking awful. Especially seeing as you start off like a naked baby.

Why do I need to chop down trees and then build and table and then get stone?? WHY?

Its not hard to make a simple yet unique Tower Defense game – Pixel Junk Monsters 1 & 2 are fabulous examples of how it can be done in a uniquely refreshing way but keeping core game mechanics simple. Because that’s what you really want for a TD game, you need to be able to react to the waves at a good pace and know there isn’t going to be a shit ton of faff.

Its like this game saw the card based shit show that was Crystal Clash and thought they could do one better in the world of pure bollocks TD games.

The idea that further on into the games you can use gold coins to unlock better towers should be an indication of why this is free to play, because if you don’t want your soul to die slow and horribly as you agonise with the stupid Minecraft like mechanics in the game you can just sell your soul instead.

Shiney Rating
0 Paws out of 5
This game offers nothing to draw in anyone experienced or a long time fan of tower defense games, there are so many other better TD games around but very few which could be seen as worse. This is a dire Minecraft rejected clone of a game and is best left unseen and untouched. You won’t get those life hours back.

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