No second chances at a first impression

As you can tell from how I talk about games I have been looking too, I do expect alot from certain games, especially AAA.

Why is this though?

I think it might have something to do with the last few years of crappy day one AAA titles. We get let down so much by so much, missed release dates, day one patches and bug fixes because of lazy or lack of testing but the price tag keeps creeping up. I know that’s why so many of you now avoid day one releases and either wait for us to try it or for the games to go on sale.

Is it too much to expect a game to live up to your expectations?

I remember the first game that really fucked me off this way – Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness (yeah years ago, but I hold a grudge) it remains the only shit (and the shittest) TR game in the whole series – and I say that as a hardened fan of 25 years now (new games were fucking amazing).

Spore was another example of how I was SO FUCKING LET DOWN by a game I followed FOR YEARS through development to release that the final product was just not what it promised and I mean the bit set in space, don’t even get me fucking started on how you only owned 3 instillations of the game bullshit because that didn’t help either.

I am worried Stray will let me down in the same way, but I realllllllllllllly hope not.

First impressions to me are almost everything with people and games, well any form of media really. With games I have found that in the last few years, things that were promised to be amazing just haven’t felt like anything special OR the trailers have showed the best bits and the rest has been chaff.

Take Deathloop for example, new concept for a game which is always exciting BUT the trailer was literally only our last few hours of gameplay. To get to the point where you felt that badass was endgame and thereby didn’t last very long.

Aliens FTE got unplayably laggy (still haven’t completed it) and Back 4 Blood was fucking boring, with so many specials it would make the Hallmark channel at Christmas look tame.

Thankfully Tina Tiny was exactly what I hoped it would be and has either restored my faith in new releases or has let my health bar recover sufficiently that it can get burned again by the Evil Dead game in May? who knows.

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