The other games we play

As a gamer, gaming is a huge part of my life, as I expect it is for any gamer to be honest, so how else does it get into our daily lives? And I don’t just mean constantly chatting about and playing games, I mean how gaming changes the way you go about your day…

This idea came to me the other day when I was obsessing over the history of Tomb Raider with my friend; I know an unhealthy amount about it purely because it is one of my favourite gaming series, then we saw a group of guys in hoodies and masks (or bandanas) walking past looking moody, it instantly starting me on reminiscing about Tomb Raider 3, the London levels where you meet the guys who got stuffed up after being experimented on and now they all walk around dressed in a similar way because, well, they just aren’t pretty to look at anymore.

Anyways all this got me thinking about how much of our lives, as gamers, is shaped by the games we play.

When we were small children, we would make games out of everything, where I work now, they even make a game out of trying to drive me mad, but seriously, any and all types of games are fun… right?

From what I can tell, the type of games we are into shape the ‘other’ games we play as adults.

For Duck, he is very into skill based games, FPS, RTS and so he goes and does things in a way which seems the most tactical, and tactics are a big thing for him.

I noticed I am a stats follower (both unhealthy and healthy as a streamer). I like spreadsheets and tracking progress (yes I know, sad) but I like to achieve things, set more goals and then break them. I think this is influenced by my love of earning rewards for being brilliant. I am also a sucker for the trophy, achievement or high score. I like to feel rewarded.

These other games we play make the days more bearable, time pass that little quicker and act as a nice diversion until you can get down to the real thing. Right? Or have you not even realised you do it?

I bet you do, though.

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