Urban Flow

On a first for the Shiney fam, I am now able to stream Switch games – so when I saw this cute but simple little offering on Lurkit, I had to give it a go. You can see my first play here.

Urban flow starts off really chill, you control the traffic and there are only a few lights to worry about. Nice and simple, you can relax… right?


It is harder than you might think to stop traffic crashing into each other when you have to worry about how long have they been sat there? What is the timer doing? What does that ambulance need? oh fuck, there’s a train or a tram to worry about now.

I initially played this with the Joy-Con controllers and I can tell you that it got very tricky very fast. If you are more of a Switch player than me you might not struggle but having to remember on the harder levels 6 buttons to press it got a little much.
Off stream I went back and played it with just the touch screen and it was a way more enjoyable experience and felt a lot easier to control. It flows a lot better in my opinion with the touch screen and is more of sit on the sofa and chill game with that easier vibe.

It does offer a chill mode when you have completed a level and you can go back and replay any of them without the stress of timers or special cars. That was a very nice reward after working so hard to get the levels in campaign to 3-stars. It also has multiplayer which at this time I have not tried but I imagine it ends in total chaos.

The sound track is very lo-fi type chill and it suits the game without getting boring or competitive. Not only does it sound great it looks great, on stream on my 4K TV and on the handheld it was just simple and gorgeous.

A great little puzzle I wouldn’t have usually looked at but I am really glad I did!

Shiney Rating
4 out of 5 paws
Cute concept, solid execution and not without being challenging either. If you are looking for a new game for your commute or just for some sofa chill time I totally recommend this but it is much easier/better playing directly with the touch screen.

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