Gamers Thumb

Anyone who has ever played on a console should instantly have an idea as to what I’m aiming at here, for those that don’t I shall elaborate.

Gamer’s thumb is typically a condition associated with certain types of console gaming, for me it started off with fight sims (Tekken, DoA, Street Fighter etc) and then I noticed it more and more when I was 17 (and had to stop gaming for a few weeks because of surgery) and again in my 20’s because I had taken a break from the blessed console to join the PC elite.

See now I know how RSI gets mentioned loads, especially since the Wii but I thought it was high time someone mentioned gamers thumb because it really hurts and well for me, it can be a huge problem, because I’ll have a useless left thumb for a good few days afterwards!

Does it put you off from console gaming? No

Does it mean your not the gamer you once were? No

It’s so very odd, one of those gaming side effects that never really gets mentioned, because it’s not something that can be highlighted as a mass moral panic in the media.

I also discovered (in my twenties, what a time!) something I now call ‘Guitar Hero Arm’ it may just be something that my house suffered from at Uni as we all secretly play guitar hero the wrong way BUT didn’t your arm ache afterwards? I know when we were kids we were told too much time in front of the telly, or games or the pc would strain our eyes, but really, think of the little strains it puts on our arms and thumbs.

I am so glad DBD removed the wiggle as I had to literally buy special compression gloves for the damage it was doing :/

So please, I know I’m not mad, but I need to know… do you get gamers thumb too?

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