Pets at work

I think by now you should all be fully aware of how much House Shiney loves Nibb games.
So far we have loved, played and completed Kinduo and we still now go to back The Psychoduck.
We had Pets at work on our Steam wishlist ready to rock, and no sooner had it been released on Steam did we get sent a key so we could play it on stream and more to give away! Its really nice to have that relationship with a developer – especially when you are a fan of their work.

You can see our completed run of Pets at work here.

This, much like Kinduo is a puzzle platformer of two parts wherein the cat can do certain things which the doggo cannot and vice versa – so you have to work together to get both of you to the next part of the office. I was jealous (as the doggo) that I didn’t have the same movement animation as the cat to be able to move up and down, but I did get the bark and run (and a nifty suit at the end) so that was awesome.

It is a great game to play in one evening and know 100% is achievable with your desired player 2. Its also another really nice game to play with the smaller people in your life and great way to encourage more gaming time with your kids.

It was also very streamable, the community loved watching us play and it was awesome to be able to share our puzzle bickering.

All in all another solid game from Nibb Games, who have really found a style that works well (and they do well!). The next title coming from them is Doomed lands in April, followed by Billy 101 later on in the year so it won’t be the last you see of Nibb Games from Planet Shiney!

Shiney Rating
4 out of 5 paws
Another great little title from Nibb games which provides a very cheap evening of entertainment. Its cute, its polished and it provides a little challenge even for veteran gamers (level 23 I am looking at you).

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