Pizza Connection 3

I love pizza, like I really love pizza and despite my inability to be able to correctly name each to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I could make honorary membership based on my pizza consumption alone. I also really love the Overcooked series (because food) so when I saw this pop up on Lurkit and saw it was the THIRD game in this series (much be doing something right) I had to try it for myself. You can see the first play of it here.

God this game made me fucking hungry – fair warning do not play this before you have eaten or be prepared to either make or order pizza soon after.

This game boasts an impressive 75 different toppings (more than your local pizza place, that’s for sure) and 12 single player missions. Some of the toppings are a bit out there – would you try snake on a pizza?

We started the main campaign on stream and I went back to it after to see how much I could progress.

You inherit a pizza truck after your grandfather passes away, so you take over the reigns. You start off with a simple truck where you can pick one of 10 locations to set up. Each location has variations in footfall and customer type, and each customer type likes a different kind of pizza, so the balance is finding something for everyone whilst also maximising profit.

It is fun, we had a great time creating the pizzas and the community input made it all the more brilliant but what I found on replaying this is that the pre-loaded pizzas have the best profit margin and meant I could progress a lot faster – which is a shame, as genuinely my favourite (hungry making part) was creating the pizzas.

Be under no illusions, this is not an easy game.

There is a lot to manage in this game, once you have made enough profit from your van you then get an actual physical restaurant – which is staffed properly can be a 24/7 operation and become very profitable but only if you hire the right types of staff. Each potential hire has characteristics pertaining to speed, motivation, health etc so it does get really involved.

As someone who loves resource management games AND pizza this has ticked a lot of boxes for me, and I do love the entertaining community involvement when streaming and making pizzas together (shockingly, the lemon and pea pizza did sell!)

Its a very vast but well detailed and thought out game, with a hell of a lot to do and I fully understand why this is the 3rd game in the series.

Shiney rating
4 paws out of 5
This is a brilliant game with so much to do and manage that it will take a while to fully master. Its got brilliant attention to detail as well as a lot of fun with the pizza making itself. The only reason it isn’t 5 stars is because its easier to make in game money with the pre-set pizzas rather than your own.

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