I think by now you guys are well and truly versed in my love-hate-love relationship with Dead by Daylight but sometimes those hate phases really vex me and I wonder if the game (or elements thereof) could be done better. When I saw this game I was drawn to the fact its both similar and amusingly different – and reminded me a bit of that old COD game mode (called prop hunt…) where you could play hide & sneak by turning into items and hiding in plain sight. You can see house Shiney have its first play here.

On first glance this game seems immediately aimed at kids, with its bright cartoon/Fortnite style graphics. Its immediately unwelcoming as the game does not have a tutorial mode or introduction to controls of any kind – so the only way to learn is to go into the wild.
But not before you have tried to navigate the clunky and unresponsive menus and then waited 3-5 minutes for a match.

When you get into a match, you kinda have to figure it out as you go – which is easier to do as as survivor, than it is a killer (given Ducks experience from the killer side). It was NOT straightforward how one turns into a prop but once you did it provided the only amusement to be had in this game.

It is a blatant and juvenile rip-off of Dead by Daylight.

Skill checks are infuriating as you have a visual prompt that tells you one is coming before it does (which itself is off putting). You get rewarded with coins for fixing progression (why?) and for skill checks. In terms of its other similarities with DBD, you can blind killers with a camera, and instead of pallets you hit them with doors. Killers have a heartbeat, they strap you to a chair and on your third chair experience you die.

You don’t know why you are there, there is not explanation on how normal people can turn into PROPS!

In terms of what its like to play killer, its unforgiving. There is no time to figure out what to do and it is where the community really reveals how toxic it can be. Duck managed two games before he called it. There is no fun to be had in chasing around bits of furniture.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but one can only feel this was made by people who could never get any good at DBD and tried to have their own fun (minus the blackjack and the hookers) remembering that one time in COD where it was funny to be a prop.

Shiney rating
1 paw out of 5
Lacking in originality, depth or any real sense of purpose. When a games community is dying out after less than 6 months, it should really be a red flag. Maybe it if was £5 instead of £20 it would feel less of a piss take, but I doubt it. DBD for all its faults remains the superior game, but if you want Fortnight graphics and a childish community full of toxic N-word users – this is the game for you!

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