Sony’s slide into sub-par service

For once I was a Sony girl, a trophy whore, and Crash Bandicoot was my boo;
Now when you ask Sony for help with a game;
They be like, ha ha ha, no, fuck you.

I think given the overall tone of the last few months posts about the free PlayStation games you can tell I am beyond unhappy with that fact that at one point (in the far past and they were on offer) I got enough 12-month PSN memberships to cover myself until then of 2023. This is more insulting if you followed my 2021 journey to get a PS5, where I eventually just gave up and re-embraced pc gaming instead.

Nearly a year since that meltdown, I still can’t get a PS5 (nor can I now afford one even if I wanted to), and after asking for a refund for Back 4 Blood (which I had played for less than hour at the time of request) only to be told no – that was one of the final nails in the coffin.


Well lets look at everyone refund policies, shall we.

Sony – which has the least chill in the world. SO I cannot play any game and decide after 20 minutes that it wasn’t what I thought it would be? No.
And believe me, I tried to get a refund for Aliens fireteam elite when it became unplayable laggy, I even submitted video evidence as required to show what a shit show it was. I was told no because I streamed it.

Microsoft/Xbox – this isn’t actually too bad. I can usually tell within an hour – 90minutes if a game is for me. I have fucking ZERO issue with this. Not to mention game pass gives you so many good titles for your monthly sub this is barely even a consideration.

Steam – This is what it should be for every platform. I have never (in my 13+) years of using Steam ever had an issue with their customer service. Given this is the consoles biggest competition, you’d think Sony & Nintendo would be clamouring to match them – if not out do them?

Nintendo/Switch – considering how much of a convert I am to Nintendo (don’t let my Sega hear me say that) this is shockingly restrictive. Thankfully Switch games tend to be 100% solid and we only buy a few at a time so I haven’t had to use this. But I can see how this is just as bad, if not worse than Sony’s.

I will admit, I was shocked to see Nintendo take such a rigid stance on their refund policy. I am still relatively new to Nintendo (Switchy is only 3 years old), but its a totally different calibre of games and I can’t help but feel that the quality assurance for end products is just so much higher. We’ve never had a single issue with the Switch or a game not working as intended. Maybe more QA is needed for Sony to be able to defend this position, who knows?

I can only hope that Sony catch up with Microsoft & Steam sooner rather than later, or it really will be the end of the road of my 20+ year long relationship with PlayStations.

They might save themselves a little if they up their monthly gaming titles to compete with Game Pass, but… I do not hold my breath for that one.

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