I saw this on Lurkit and was immediately drawn to the vivid colours, the misleadingly cute name and the overall premise (I like cards, okay?). You can see my first play of it here.

I am not even going to wait to tell you all this.

I love this game
House Shiney loves this game
The Shiney Family community loves this game

So much so I went and asked for more keys so I could play with Duck and Jinx – because the only real thing that let this down was no one to play it with after I had done all the intro bits.

Its a fucking brilliant game.

From the minute those sexy (very Rocky Horror Show) lips appear on the screen with the carefully playing rhymes to explain all you to do… just in time – I knew this was a game for me.

It is just so slick and polished, it knows exactly what it wants to do and executes it amazingly. Despite the fact you can play it, close it and wait until someone has gone against you to reopen it – I have routinely found myself spending hours refining my skills in the challenge modes and playing in real time in the arena mode.

Its really easy to get hooked after winning several games in a row only to find the next match you play killing you because you have gotten lazy with your tactics. In fact it took nearly 15 matches before I finally suffered my first loss and all it did was reinvigorate my addiction.

Brilliantly this game will be free to play on release as it does have in-game purchases for those of you who are impatient to evolve your fears and make them even more terrifying.

I cannot stress how great this game is and the discord community is brilliant too.

Shiney rating
5 paws out of 5
I have been thrilled with the soft release of this game, its slick, unusual and brilliant fun. Its easy to get to grips with and even easier to become addicted. Serious contender for one of the top games of 2022 and its not even officially out yet!

Add the game to your wishlist now! We need more peoples minds to probe, and see how playing Phobies… unfolds.

3 thoughts on “Phobies

    1. It is a brilliant little game, I am currently working on 100 hours later follow up post as I as I had sadly encountered some issues with the ‘pay to win’ issues with the game, but that hasn’t deterred me from playing it daily.

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