Humble Choice – March

Another month, another epic offering from Humble.
The is the second month in a row where there are a reduced number of games to choose from but I think we can all agree the quality is outstanding!

Desperados III
Stealth in the wild west, noice. This is a prequel to the Wanted dead or alive game within the same franchise. Cooper’s on his quest for redemption. The stealth element being the smarter play if you want to survive. Feeling like its Red Dead and a bit of Metal Gear Solid. 96% of Steam love it, so maybe its time to get in touch with your inner cowboy.

Mass effect – Legendary edition
This is bundle of all 3 Mass effect games, with over 40 DLCs included. If you have ever wanted to get into this epic and huge Saga – now is your chance. Redeem via Origin.

Nickelodeon All-star brawl
I mean we know that Super Smash bros might do this better, but this is also a damn good shout. Where else can you use Zim to kick ass? (and you know love Invader Zim) local and online play means you can use your childhood faves to beat your childhood friends! 83% of Steam love it to.

The dark pictures anthology: Man of Medan
From the people who brought you Until dawn, we now have a new series of stand alone cinematic choice driven horror games. We played this in house Shiney on release and I killed Duck by accident when I got scared! Definitely worth a look. 72% of Steam agree

Red Solstice 2: Survivors
Real time RTS set 117 years After Earth. With both single and co-op with up to seven others as you counter the threat of mutant invasion. It looks like a faster paced XCom and we are here for it. 70% of Steam dig it, too.

This is very nice looking isometric city builder game that focuses around ancient Mesopotamia. Featuring over a dozen historical missions allowing you to conquer and colonise. Its also mod friendly, so if you like total control and tweaking this is one to check out – and 80% of Steam agree.

Police Stories
This top down shooter is inspired by SWAT 4 and various police shows this is a game that focuses on tactics and split second decisions. Each mission tells another story of the police partners Rimes & Jones.
86% of Steam agree this is worth a look.

Evan’s Remains
This mysterious and thrilling puzzle adventure follows your search for a missing boy. Each time 2-3 puzzles are solved the story progresses allowing you to figure out more of what’s happened. 91% of Steam love the puzzling challenge so its well worth a look!

Does one of these games sounds like your thing? They will be available as part of the Follower !Friyay stream giveaway from the end of Feb over on the Shiney_Cat channel. Or if you can’t wait that long, click on the pic below!

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